I am passionate about coaching and I specialise in the areas of confidence and well-being.

Helping people to become more confident and achieve their dreams

Supporting people around  well-being issues including reducing stress and getting a better work/life balance

Being a shy person confidence is an issue that I have struggled with throughout my life, as I have always felt more comfortable taking a ‘back seat’ rather than pushing myself forward. Over the years, however, I have overcome this in a number of ways, often taking myself out of my ‘comfort zone’ in order to grow personally. One thing that I did to overcome my shyness was to join Toastmasters International where, on a weekly basis, I gave short talks in front of the group, and I achieved my Competent Toastmaster Award in 2005. Although initially I found this very scary, in time I came to enjoy it. I also did many personal development and confidence courses. The main thing for me has been to realise that I can never ‘stand still’ but need to continually strive to meet new challenges and cross new barriers to maintain and increase my confidence.

Maintaining well-being has also been a challenge for me. Being someone who is conscientious and likes to pay a lot of attention to detail I have sometimes become stressed with the demands of some of the jobs I have had. It has meant that I have had to find ways of managing stress and I have found that meditation together with regular exercise and positive self talk are a few of the ways to reduce stress that have worked for me.

I worked and volunteered supporting people for over 25 years in the voluntary sector in London. I studied counselling and psychotherapy achieving a diploma in 1996 and worked one-to-one with clients as part of my paid work at Victim Support and privately. I also worked with volunteers for many years, and supporting them and their aspirations inspired me to become a Life Coach. I trained with the Coaching Academy, the largest coaching training organisation in Europe, in 2013 and 2014 and achieved my Personal Performance Diploma in coaching. In 2016 I studied for a certificate in Stress Coaching which I achieved with distinction.


I have coached many people helping them to feel more confident in themselves, assisting them to reduce stress, lead healthier lives and ‘move on’ with their lives.

If you think I could help you through coaching please email me at bridget@bridgetmorris.co.uk and we can arrange a time to talk.




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