7 Benefits of Workplace Mediation

At the networking and other meetings I am attending these days I am constantly surprised that people don’t seem to know what workplace mediation is. Of course it’s a ‘new industry’ but even so, is it so much unheard of? This week I heard workplace mediation described as ‘the world’s best kept secret’. But why? Surely a process that short circuits the cost and pain of on-going disputes at work for both employers and employees has to be a good thing.

Here are 7 reasons why employers should give mediation a go when trying to resolve differences between colleagues:-

  1. Saves money – no expensive legal fees, tribunal costs, etc.

  2. Happier staff – reduces stress and improves health of staff

  3. Problems are ‘nipped in the bud’ before they get a chance to escalate

  4. Improves staff retention

  5. Empowering for employees because they devise solutions themselves and the process is voluntary

  6. Improves staff relations

  7. An independent mediator can be truly impartial

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