Too Many Gurus

Your latest personal development guru suggests you do x claiming that it’s really going to help you and resolve all your problems so you start doing x, then another personal development guru says you should do y instead. Your best friend swears by your latest guru, but your new friend recommends another one. I know someone who is always listening to others then taking their advice, as a result she gets very confused and is often starting one thing, only to give it up and follow a different path. It can be very confusing when you are constantly being given different advice. Who is right and who do you trust?

There are more personal development gurus than ever before all wanting to give you the benefit of their advice to tell you about their formula for living. It could drive you mad trying to follow the latest ones. So what do you do?

Firstly, many of them are saying similar things to each other anyway, things that many of us already know – eat healthily, exercise, find work that you love to do, set goals and schedule your day, fake it until you make it, live in the present, the power of asking, get outside of your comfort zone. I have heard it said that 90% of self help books simply repeat the same advice. So much of what is said will be similar anyway. All good advice, but in the 21st century much of it has become ‘common sense’ rather than new information.

For those gurus you do want to follow it’s a case of tuning in to your intuition, which gurus are really ‘speaking to you’ and which do you intuitively feel are giving you the ‘right’ message? Our intuition is very powerful if only we would listen to it more. So really connect with and listen to the latest messages and see how they feel for you. Do they resonate? Or do their messages feel like ‘information overload’? Take some time to be sure about this, as your time could be wasted following gurus who are not for you.

When you have found the guru/s that seem to work for you, start to follow their websites and newsletters, perhaps attend some of their events. Learn to ‘screen out’ all the other gurus who are screaming at you. This will always happen. By starting to ‘tune in’ to what advice is right for us we can use outside help more appropriately.

Ultimately, however, we need to learn to be our own gurus. We can listen to others, even the best gurus, and take on what they say and learn from it, but our own inner wisdom knows what’s best for us, what guides work for us and what we really need. So take advice from gurus but create and build your own inner guru. We will always be our own best guides if we tune into our intuition and listen to it.

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