Getting off to a good start this new year

Christmas and the new year celebrations are over, the last mince pie has been eaten, the presents have been unwrapped and put to use, and now it’s time to return to work. Perhaps there is that sinking feeling, or perhaps you are looking forward to getting back into the swing of everyday life again. For many people it’s the former and it’s a bit of an effort to get up early for work again after all those lazy starts to the day and when the weather is cold and it’s dark first thing in the morning and it’s a while before there is something to look forward to again.

So firstly, go easy on yourself, the first day back is often just about showing up and having your face seen around the office, catching up with colleagues on each other’s festive activities, nipping to the sales in your lunch break. After today it won’t be ‘the first day back’ again for a while. Things can feel much worse than they really are. Your second day back will feel better.

If you haven’t got some treats planned for the foreseeable future now is a good time to book that Spring weekend break or skiing trip. In terms of more immediately, how about arranging something for next weekend? A trip out with your partner, family or friends, a Winter walk, a bowling trip or a visit to your local cinema to catch the latest movie. Even a small treat to look forward to can make a difference to how you feel.

This is also the ideal time to make plans for the year ahead. What holidays and weekends away would you like? Which friends do you want to see? What new hobbies will you pursue? What new challenges do you want to take on? How about mapping out your year, what you hope to do, when and what you would like to achieve. If you enjoy a seasonal hobby such as walking or camping now is a perfect time to get all your gear out and check it is all up to scratch, do any cleaning or repairs required and replace anything needed as well as planning your next trips, so that when the weather and time is right you are all set to go!

I’ve heard it said that, despite our tendency to make new year’s resolutions January is not the greatest time to forge ahead with new regimes and commitments, it’s a time when, still dark and cold and money is short following the festive season many of us want to hibernate and do as little as possible, emerging when the days are longer and the weather better. September can be a better time to instigate new habits, when we are relaxed from holidays and sunshine and perhaps more energized to take action. So don’t be hard on yourself, do the best you can, and before you know it Spring will be here and the world will feel like a different place.

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