Surround Yourself with Positive People

I have noticed recently what a difference the people whom we surround ourselves with can make. If I am around positive people, and this is often the case at networking and other business meetings, I too start to feel positive and there is a good vibe. Sometimes, however, I find myself with people who are less than positive and this can really drag me down.

There is a saying that we become like the 5 people whom we spend the most time with. It’s worth considering whom these people are, and if you don’t like the way you are, to think about changing who you hang out with.

An old friend recently said to me ‘We are getting older, and life is hard when you are old’. This exchange left me feeling uncomfortable but I wasn’t sure why. When I went away and thought about it I realised we may be getting older but everyone is getting older all the time, and perhaps we have had more years than some people in which to learn from our mistakes and gain wisdom. In fact as Shakespeare famously said ‘Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so’.

If we have a tendency to see the ‘bad’ in a situation I believe that we can change. I once had a boss who was great at positive thinking and he used to say to me that I was a ‘glass half empty’ person. Looking back I think he was right, I tended to see the negative or ‘bad’ in a situation. Over the years, however, through personal development and my coaching studies, especially NLP (neuro-linguistic programming I believe that I have changed so that now I am more of a ‘glass half full’ person and I see the ‘good’ in things. I also now make a point of surrounding myself with positive, optimistic people.

In my experience, therefore, whatever is going on in our lives, the kinds of people whom we spend time with make a huge difference. Positive people tend to uplift and give us joy, negative people tend to bring us down, and make us see the worst in things. I know the sort of people whom I would rather be around, how about you?

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