Why Do I Need a Life Coach?

People sometimes say to me that they don’t need a Life Coach but can manage their lives and reaching for their goals without this support. Despite this, in my experience and from what I hear, people progress to achieving the things that they want in life much more quickly and easily when they have regular supportive input from a coach. We might like to think that we can motivate ourselves in the same way, but is this really the case?

Firstly, coaches are the people to whom we are accountable. It is so easy for us to put off doing things when we don’t have this accountability, ‘Yes, I know I said I would call the agency to find out about jobs that might suit me this week but I’ll do it next week’ we tell ourselves. Our coach will want to know why we put it off and will shine a light on our weaknesses by probing, e.g. Is procrastination a habit? How can you change this? A good coach will not let us off the hook but take us deeper looking for answers.

Secondly, our coach is someone with whom we can ‘bounce ideas’. Most of us have ideas about things we want to achieve and how best to do it and our nearest and dearest are not always the best people to help us, much as we love them. ‘Oh yes I tried that in 1993’ you can hear them say ‘It didn’t work’. Your coach will respond in a neutral and positive way, and crucially does not have that personal relationship with you that can get in the way of coaching.

Another great thing about a coach is that they can help us to ‘access our inner wisdom’. This is something that we all have and deep down we all know what is best and right for us. Certainly our coach cannot be sure what is right for us hence they don’t give advice. A far better skill that a good coach has, however, is asking us the right questions, at the right time, in the right way, and this can help us to find answers that are true for us.

The effectiveness of coaching is often down to the quality of the relationship between coach and client. A good coach will proactively build excellent rapport with their client and this helps the client to feel valued, supported and that someone believes in them. I know from my relationship with my coach how important this is, and how it propels me forward. There are times when it’s been hard to believe in myself, and at those times, by holding their belief in me, my coach has supported and ‘seen me through’.

I find that my coaches have also been role models for me. I see how they acquire new clients, deal with issues along the way and hold their integrity and this has been a great source of learning and modelling.

Most importantly, however, it is the support of coaches that has kept me going in tough times and propelled me forward towards achieving my goals. For me, therefore, a personal coach who is supportive and helping to ‘fight my corner’ is worth their weight in gold.

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