Walking to Inspire

About twenty years ago I first got into walking and since then I have found it an invaluable part of my daily life and exercise routine. It is hugely beneficial both mentally and physically.

Mentally, it clears my mind and helps me re-focus on my goals and current action steps. Often I might be struggling with an issue or trying to make a decision about something and trying to work things out in my mind is getting me nowhere. Sometimes I am simply going round in circles. When I get outside and walk, however, answers may come to me out of the blue, without me even trying. It’s like my mind has gone into a slightly altered state, and by focusing on ordinary things, such as looking at the scenery as I walk, and being in the moment, inspiration often comes.

Physically, also, walking is of huge benefit. It’s a simple and effective way to get a daily dose of exercise, and I find I can incorporate it into my daily life. For example I like to walk to a tube station just a bit further away than my regular one when getting the train.

It is well known that exercise, such as walking, releases serotonin, the so called ‘happy hormone’ and after a walk I nearly always feel better. I feel mentally and physically refreshed and ready to return to the challenges of the day which can feel very different from this new perspective. Solutions can appear and physically I am feeling good. I am ready to refocus on my goals, and perhaps move ahead with things that were feeling difficult.

When you are struggling with something and seem not to be getting anywhere, therefore, I recommend that you get out into the fresh air and take a mental and physical break. You may be surprised at the benefits it brings.

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