I Don't Have Any Goals

Not having goals or things you want to achieve in life can be fine and is so for many people. It is not for coaches to tell people that they should have goals. Some people achieve many things without really aiming for anything in particular and this can be a great way to live.

Personally, I have always found it useful to know where I want to go and what I am aiming for in both my personal and professional lives, then this informs everything I do, so setting goals has always been a useful exercise for me, and a way to live my life.

But what if you are someone who has no idea what you want but yet like the idea of having some goals and things to work towards but aren’t sure how to go about finding out what goals you want? If this is the case it’s a great opportunity to look afresh at what you want to be, do or have. One way to do this is to sit in front of a large, blank, white sheet of paper. Then write in the middle of it ‘What do I want to be, do or have?’. Next simply daydream and doodle – this can take the form of words, images, drawings or any kind of art. Don’t censor yourself at all, but see what comes. Keep going as long as you can.

When you pause, read through everything you have created and then wait for more ideas to come. Keep coming up with as many ideas as you possibly can of things that you want to do, be or have in your life. It can include – career aspirations, relationships, friendships, travel, hobbies, personal and spiritual development, the only limits are the ones you set yourself. It’s a good idea to leave the paper for a time, then come back to it and do more. Keep going with this process until there is as much out there as possible.

Next, group things together that seem to fit, so for example if you have travel/writing/friendships might these combine together in some way? Or you might have new job/people/adventures this could be a link. Carry on getting as many connections as you can. Again, it can be useful to leave it and come back to it later.

Eventually you should see some themes emerging and these can form the basis of your goals. So using the example above, if you have a link such as new job/people/adventures, perhaps there is a goal around seeking a new job that involves people and adventure? Try to find 4 or 5 themes out of your whole artwork that could lead to goals. Once you have found these have a go at formulating each one into a goal or something you would like to achieve, then set a date by which you would like to achieve it.

You now have goals and things to work towards and aim for, so for each goal set yourself a first step towards achieving the goal and a date that you want to achieve it by. Once that is achieved, set yourself the next step. Don’t give up and do reward yourself when you reach significant milestones. Thus you are well on the way to not only knowing what you want but also to achieving it!

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